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Fusion voting expands our democracy. It brings more people into our system — new voters, voters of color, younger voters and independents. It gives people who may not currently vote a reason to participate and have their voices heard. Fusion voting expands choice. When a political party supports a candidate, they are listed under that party or what is called a “ballot line.” With fusion voting, more than one party can endorse the same candidate or cross endorse. It means the candidate won the support of all the parties that endorsed him or her, reflects their values, and champions their issues. Fusion lets voters make more informed choices.

How does Fusion Voting work?

When a candidate wins the nomination of more than one party, their name will be listed separately under each party. A voter can fill in the bubble by the candidate’s name under that Party. For example, Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino was endorsed by both the Democratic Party of New Mexico and the New Mexico Working Families Political Party. With fusion voting, a voter could choose to fill in the bubble under the Democratic Party of New Mexico OR the New Mexico Working Families Party. All the votes for the candidate under each party line are then combined and all are counted! 

New Mexicans Want Fusion Voting

Hear from members of the New Mexico Working Families Party share why they want more options on the ballot.

Answers to Common Questions

Will it take votes away causing a candidate to lose?

No. Fusion voting adds the votes for the same candidate from each of the party lines.  For example, if I vote for Candidate A on the Working Families Party line and you vote for Candidate A on the Democratic Party of New Mexico line, our votes are combined in support of Candidate A. 

Why do we need fusion voting in New Mexico?

Almost a quarter of registered voters in New Mexico are Declined to State or have not picked one of the major political parties. We are a diverse state with many different opinions on how to best serve the people of New Mexico. Fusion voting provides more choices on the ballot, more opportunities for candidates to win their constituent’s votes, and creates a more inclusive democracy. 

Will fusion voting hurt Republican or Democratic Party candidates? 

No. Voters will still only pick one party line to vote for a candidate. With fusion voting, a candidate’s name can appear on more than one line but votes on the Democratic Party line and the New Mexico Working Families Party line will all go to the same candidate. With fusion, voters just have the option to vote for the party line that best represents their values. Fusion voting means two or more parties are working to get a candidate elected, instead of one.

Won’t this just make ballots more complicated or confusing?

Voters will still only pick one line to vote on the ballot. With fusion voting a candidate’s name may appear on different party lines but the voter still casts a vote for that candidate on the party line that best reflects their values.

Is fusion voting new?

No. Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, New York, South Carolina, and Vermont all allow fusion voting. Up until the early 1900’s, fusion voting was very common in the United States.

Support Fusion Voting in New Mexico

Contact Your State Legislators

The State House and Senate will be voting on a fusion bill during the 2021 Legislative session. Your legislators need to hear that you support fusion voting!

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